"Ajay Mathur. Begleitet unter anderem von Christian Winiker an der Gitarre, der auch bei Hendrik Belden in die Saiten greift, war der Auftritt des Singer-Songwriters eine Wohltat. Eine bunte Mischung aus leichten Songs mit einer postiven Message und dunklen, atmosphärischen Liedern, die randvoll Emotionen waren. Ajay Mathur ist mit dem Song «Nothing Really Matters» für den Grammy nominiert, und das zu Recht. Sein Konzert war ein Eintauchen in eine andere Welt. Die ganze halbe Stunde war man völlig bei ihm und der Band. Auch für kurze Improvisationsteile, in denen beispielsweise «Rebel Rebel» von David Bowie angespielt wurde, war Platz. Eine wunderbare Performance von äusserst routinierten Musikern." - Marc Wermelinger





“The track Nothing Really Matters from his 2015 release 9 to 3 is a masterpiece of elegant darkness.” - Jeremy Davis


An aura of menace hangs over the alt-rocking “Nothing Really Matters” as Mathur takes charge vocally from the start.” - Jen Dan

ABORT Magazine

..did we see THIS coming? We did not…. We’ll be cheering Mathur on at the 2017 Grammy Awards. We hope you will be as well.” - Scott Alexander, Editor in chief


Video Of The Month - Ajay Mathur - Nothing Really Matters: Swiss musician Ajay Mathur has released his latest single and music video for Nothing Really Matters off his new album 9 to 3. A mixture of Psychedelic, Americana and Alternative Rock  it’s already receiving accolades having been nominated for a  2017 Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.” – Kat Harlton


“An artist that stands out from the crowd, let me introduce you to one of my obsessions… With a creativeness that quickly outshines the rest, Ajay Mathur is an artist that should be on your radar, not only for 2016, but beyond” – Louise Parker


Ajay Mathur crafts a soaring vein of rock that, on soulful track “Nothing Really Matters”, evolves from riveting alt-rock to metal-tinged ominous progressions at the conclusion. Spacey guitars and Indian tablas both play a prominent role alongside Mathur’s charismatic vocals.” - Mike Mineo

NO DEPRESSION – The Journal of Roots Music

Ajay Mathur is a stunning Swiss musician that is quickly breaking his way into the music scene… With a delivery and performance that brings it all together, Ajay Mathur's 9 to 3 is a record that will stand the test of time.” - Emily Hinde


“Mathur makes it easy to lose yourself in moments.” - ~Tirhakah Love

Neue Nidwaldner/Obwaldner Zeitung


Nothing Really Matters is an emotionally compelling single from Swiss musician Ajay Mathur” - Samuel Mensah


Intriguing, haunting, and mesmerizing, the new single and music video from Ajay Mathur has it all and drags us along on the emotional ride.” - Melanie Gomez


“Ajay Mathur’s latest album 9 to 3 has seen critical acclaim for the honesty and depth that Mathur brings as a songwriter, as well as the ambitious forays into an array of genres.”
- Kaitlin Ruether


“Swiss musician Ajay Mathur’s latest release, ‘9 to 3,’ is the kind of music that makes you long to take a road trip across country with your closest friends” – Jaded Culture



“Why did you decide to blend traditional Indian instruments with pop/rock and Americana/roots music?” - S.Heron

POPDOSE Magazine


“Long Strange Trip: Ajay Mathur on His New Genre-Bending Album and Jamming With Jimmy Page” - Allison Johnelle Boron

Raz Mataz Magazine, Canada

“ just need to listen and prepare to be amazed with this popular and talented musician” - Marina Radovanovic

Flowers In A Gun

“Ajay Mathur is a true citizen in the world. Born in India, living in Switzerland and creating his own version of Americana with Led Zeppelin-esque guitars, exotic instruments, catchy songwriting and lyrics that speak to the heart. His new album “9 to 3″ is dreamy and reminds me of a careless road trip through the South with California being the final destination!”
- Mart Kawaii

FREE WHEEL interview on FSK 93 FM Hamburg

"Yes, it is Christmas Eve and you will hear a long and I hope interesting interview with Ajay Mathur and I also hope you enjoy his music as well." - Danny Antonelli


Ajay Mathur recently released his album '9 to 3', reviewed on Mathur's style of music defies categorization and is usually described as eclectic or diverse. His voice is smooth and distinctive, and his songs appeal to listeners' ears and demands for a catchy melody. Contact Music tracked him down and requested an interview. He was kind enough to acquiesce. His description of his songwriting process was enthralling.” – Randy Radic


“I have always respected musicians that play from the heart, the ones that focus on the stories of their songs and the importance of staying true to the source, and Ajay Mathur is one of those musicians that I speak of.” - RJ Frometa, Editor in Chief

Louder Than War Interview

“India born, Switzerland based singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur has recently released a most creative and original display of sound in “9 to 3″, a 15 track album both heartfelt, imaginative, as well as entertaining.” - Eileen Shapiro

Huffington Post

"At first listen, Ajay Mathur's "9 to 3" is a straight-ahead homage to the greats of classic rock.” - Chris Kompanek

Just Relax Magazine

“9 to 3 is an honest profound and intelligent album drawn from personal experience. I would recommend it to fans of psychedelia, rock and country.” - Karen Hill

On Request Magazine

“If Tom Petty were to perform with Led Zeppelin, and adopt styles of music with each stop on a global tour from the lands they were playing in, then that is what this album would sound like.” - Anthony Avina

Music Emissions Magazine

“Ajay Mathur is operating in a crowded field. As 9 to 3 indicates, he has the ability to stand out in that crowd. At a time when there is a need for something new in the Americana-pop arena which he inhabits, Mathur may well have it.” - Charles Martel

ABORT Magazine

“This album is awesome, and it’s tough to explain exactly why. The best way to get the message across is to simply say… This is madness. Madness, in the best sense of the word possible.” - Scott Alexander


It takes quite a bit of an open mind to learn incorporate new things into one album and making it sound good.” – LA, @Lauraslifeonink

BlastingNews Lifestyle

Music with Depth: Ajay Mathur has shared with the world the kind of music that can put a smile on your face while encouraging profound thought about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Neletha Skelton

OnStage Magazine

“Ajay Mathur’s new album “9 to 3″ draws from diverse rock inspiration” – Lara Haase


“Ajay Mathur Keeps Things Rocking From ‘9 to 3’” - Mike Nied


“The recent success of Ajay Mathur’s newest album 9 to 3 is completely warranted because of the sheer fact that the fifteen-track album is simply enjoyable.”

Contact Music

'9 to 3' is like fine dining at a hoity-toity restaurant: Mathur is the cordon bleu chef plying his craft deep in the kitchen, surrounded by pots and pans and stoves. The entrée emerges and is conveyed into the dining room, where it is pronounced "delicious"


“In its entirety, 9 to 3 is immersive, relaxing, and comfortable – all the while remaining unique and wholly Mathur.”

24Our Music

There were a plethora of tracks on the album which seemed to have this unique, fantastical flavour and atmosphere which differentiated each song from the next. I was never bored or left wanting, instead, I was constantly excited for what was waiting around the corner.


The summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late to find a soundtrack for it. Ajay Mathur’s 9 to 3 is that soundtrack: rough without being harsh, peppy without being saccharine, and brimming with warmth regardless of lyrical content. Rating: 5 Stars


9 to 3 is a deeply expansive 15-track album that plucks every emotional string…. We are forced to reflect, forced to take pause and listen. When the track ends, there is a true sense of completeness.”


As a solo singer-songwriter, his [Ajay Mathur’s] sound carries with a powerful Americana rock vibe. With a drop of psychedelia that carries through his sound, this is not your conventional album. 9 to 3 is clear-cut as an album filled with crystalline singing. The vocals surge rapt by the chorus filled tracks that takes some time to fancy. Listeners will enjoy the confidence-filled tracks that are rollick-y and filled with defiance.


Switzerland has never been a huge exporter of pop music. Back in the day they gave us Krokus, Yello, and Double. Now it’s Ajay Mathur’s turn.


“I was completely confused, shocked, surprised and terrified with what I was listening to from the get go. Usually when that happens, it's because my mind is rewiring itself. The result is my genuine enjoyment of this fantastic album.”


“Let’s get right into it, shall we? Ajay Mathur’s 9 to 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable album.”


9 to 3 sees the use of sitar or harp at times and hops around from this raw track to jazzy singles. The entire album is a trip, and “Walking on the Water” is great for satisfying any country cravings you may be having


“Many have traveled the down the same trails blazed by songwriting legends like Bob Dylan or Tom Petty, but many have come off more as troubadours paying tribute than as an original. Ajay Mathur may be indebted to those names, but he’s clearly making his own way in his own right.”


“The first palpable feature of the record is Mathur’s voice, which sounds like the love child of a Jackson Browne/Tom Petty affair. Both Browne and Petty are known for their inimitable songwriting talents, a trait Mathur also shares.”

Music Unlabeled

“My World (SOS To the Universe)” both intrigues you and sends chills down your spine, painting a painfully vivid picture and sending a strong message in the process.


“Swiss musician Ajay Mathur brings a dose of insightful light with his latest album release, 9 to 3”


“Music may not change the world or a system, but it does help to make us dream, give us hope, make us feel strong and even loved.” – Ajay interview'd by Brian Lion

Neue Nidwaldner Zeitung

Interview with Ajay in Swiss newspaper (in German language)Open the PDF


“This is a very unique album, with a feel of how albums used to be, full of surprises and risks that take you on a trip and engage your mind as well as your ears.”


Ajay may have created a new genre music that is endless. The sky is the limit on his mix of instruments and lyrics. His creativity is boundless.


“Filled with clear and concise originality and individualism partnered with great wisdom and talent, this album is a winner.”


“Passionately revealing candid insight into your true soul can be a daunting task, but humorously and endearingly approaching life’s most complex emotions can help make the process more liberating. India-born singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur has deservingly has received acclaim throughout his career for doing just that”

Urner Wochenzeitung

Full page interview with Ajay in printed weekly Urner Wochenzeitung (the interview is in German language) Open the PDF

All What’s Rock

“9 to 3 hits on a lot of levels both musically and autobiographically. While his approach may be a bit unorthodox in fitting so many styles into one package, Mathur and band do so with an easy style that is highly enjoyable.”


“Defiantly an artist with much to offer a World cluttered with music sampling and unoriginal, uninspired ideas.”

Rant Hollywood

“Ajay Mathur’s ‘9 To 3′ Is A Rollicking Ode To Heartland Rock”

VENTS Magazine

“The album in nothing short of unique in sound” – RJ Frometa


“emotionally and instrumentally intense effort that will resound loudly with listeners long after the track has ceased”

Short And Sweet NYC

Ajay hits the BIG APPLE!

Mathur is brash and unapologetic with his bouncing from style to style, his expert rendering of wry lyrics about love and circumstances, and the use of a wide range of colorful sounds and instruments from a band that plays them wonderfully.


“The diversity of Mathur’s background once again lends itself to his music in what is sure to be another successful album. 9 to 3”


Defiantly an artist with much to offer a World cluttered with music sampling and unoriginal, uninspired ideas.

Under The Press

“Ajay Mathur: Musical Genius”

Skope Magazine

Skope Entertainment Inc

Delightful, sunny, and full of optimism, Ajay Mathur’s “9 to 3” points towards a glimmering future, of an updated classic rock sound.


The Big Takeover Magazine

"Chronicling an odyssey across the highest mountains and darkest valleys of American music, 9 to 3 sounds like a love letter from Mathur to each of his favorite musicians."

The Examiner

"Mathur has made sure there is something for everyone on 9 to 3, whether you’re into folk, rock, blues or surfer music you should check out this album."

Scallywag Magazine

Ajay Mathur’s Wild Ride with ‘9 to 3’
"There’s something relentlessly urgent about Mathur’s voice and the tracks themselves."


Anti Music Magazine

“Due to his unique international credentials, perhaps Mathur is one of the best possible spokespersons for our troubled planet.”

Vent Magazine

Vents Mag reviews "Come See Conquer"

“Diversity” is certainly a word that comes to mind when one thinks of Ajay Mathur. - See more at:

“Diversity” is certainly a word that comes to mind when one thinks of Ajay Mathur.' - Read full review at:

Indie Artists Alliance

Layout Image IAA reviews Come See Conquer

"After listening to Come, See, Conquer, it is very clear that Ajay’s talents are far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and, simply put, this guy is a pure genius of his musical craft. "


Hooked from the First Track - GigBand reviews "Come See Conquer"
"....Sometimes I’m hooked from the first track, and that’s precisely what happened when I put the latest release “Come See Conquer” in my car’s CD player by Swiss based singer/songwriter Ajay Mathur" -
Jennifer Hertzler

Skope Magazine

Skope Magazine
"Switzerland might be a strange place to birth an “Americana” artist, but Ajay Mathur’s “Come See Conquer” will undoubtedly have a few heads spinning in confusion… at first glance anyway. The good news is that Ajay’s e.p. is addictive and might make us all believers after all."

Greatful Web

"First of all, I think my songs choose me and not the other way around. Each song is an inspiration and I don't start by considering which genre it will fit into. The upside to not 'fitting' is that diverse people are exposed to my songs. The downside is that no one knows quite what the hell to do with me!"

Windsor Square

Ajay Mathur is a talented singer/songwriter who is truly a master of his craft. His musical abilities (especially the brilliance of his guitar playing) and methodical lyrics show his passion for the human condition and our place in the world. With a worldwide following, Ajay’s success has been plentiful and he continues to soar on the charts with his newest release “A Matter of Time.

Indie Music Digest

Overall A Matter of Time” by Ajay Mathur is an extremely entertaining, dynamic and brilliant catalogue of music. Its strong suit – the amazing amount of originality, creativity and rich conventional wisdom Mathur has to offer. I especially enjoyed the theatrical drama quality to some of the pieces. All in all Ajay Mathur stands out from other artists with his unique signature sound, passion and heightened level of musical enlightenment.

All What's Rock

Mathur has way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows of overly-predictable Pop Rock. Indeed this is clearly evident in songs like “How High Can You Fly”, “Good Friday”, and “Mister” which methodically ups the ante to a very respectable level of catchy musical expression and craftsmanship that transcends typical pigeonholing. The music is also commercially viable with a fresh sound and an entertaining vibe that makes a real connection with music fans. All pieces within this album hold the attentions span of the listener perfectly, and are extremely invigorating in nature. In a nutshell this is John Mayer meets Leonard Cohen. The 15 song line-up comes fully loaded and appeals to many listeners with a wide variety of musical styles.

Skope Magazine

Acclaimed solo artist Ajay Mathur’s new music video, Taking the Night Away, spells out its socio-political message addressing the struggle and lingering hope that, we the people, can change what has been forced upon us by the misled power and greed of the elite few. The video is inspired by people all over the world who have finally decided not to sit back and accept what they see as injustice, but to take action, take to the streets – even if it means sacrificing their freedom, or in some cases, their lives.