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New Album, now available!

Blow My Cover.jpg

BLOW MY COVER available here as vinyl, CD and for streaming!


With his new album BLOW MY COVER, Ajay Mathur, ventures into the unknown. As an act of self-preservation during the lockdown, Ajay had reached out to his musician peers and friends and invited them to create and collaborate. What he got back from them over the next two years are 13 unique remakes of songs from all periods of Ajay’s creative life, which he has now compiled on BLOW MY COVER. A wild concept, no doubt, in which roots, folk, jazz, classical and rock musicians from Tokyo to Los Angeles and from Chicago to Buenos Aires provided highly versatile soundtracks to Mathur's soulful voice in part as completely reinterpreted cover versions of his songs.

Enjoy the official video of the album's single "Walking On The Water" (song #11). Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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