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V13, Randy Radic - "Charismatic track"

US Rocker Music, John Daly - "Mathur performs with Tom Petty-like confidence"

Melody Maker Magazine, Chadwick Easton - "Winter always comes with its unique soundtrack, and this year it should be known that Mathur and his latest studio release are an intricate part."

The Hollywood Digest , Garth Thomas - "“Common Mistake” is a churning pop ballad, but it has a take-no-prisoners mentality similar to what I’d expect out of a rock song."


Big Celebrity Buzz, Cleopatra Patel - "unbridled charisma"


We All Want Someone to Shout For, Will Oliver - "fun and driving anthemic spirit and swagger"


Each Measure - "he continues to push the boundaries of rock and pop music."

The Indie Source, Anne Hollister - "it’s easily one of my personal favorites.", Randall Radic - "Talking Loud is a superlative album, a truly exquisite listening experience"

NoHo Arts District, Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros - "Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud” is an insanely sweet album"

Essentially Pop, Lisa Hafey "It’s upbeat and fun"


Indie Impulse Music, Mindy Mccall - "Ajay Mathur’s voice is the consummate commanding element"


Illustrate Magazine, Audrey Castel - "When was the last time you listened to an album and went, “Huh, this is new”?"


Songweb, Michael Jamo - "It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and inspiring."


Gifted Balance Records - "He is truly a one-of-a-kind artist"


Medium, Saiid Zeidan - "a dopamine boost."


Hot Rock Metal - "In Two Words : Must Listen !!!"


Artisti Online - "The music excites and entertains."

Sinusoidal Music - “Talking Loud” is total madness"


Plastic Magazine, Paul Vine - "Talking Loud is the complete and eclectic masterpiece"


TJPL News, Tamara Jenna - "#AJAYMATHUR has created a masterpiece here - this project is flawless and has something for EVERYONE! "


Headbangers News, Jéssica Mar - "'Talking Loud' is so wonderful that it is hard to explain, you have to listen."

FV Music Blog - "Ajay Mathur has released the stunning album ‘Talking Loud’. It is an Americana release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this Summer!"


Luzerner Zeitung "Nidwaldner Musiker räumt deutschen Musikpreis ab - er gewinnt gleich in vier Kategorien"thur meldet sich mit neuem Album zurück"


Schall Magazin (Druckausgabe) - "Ajay Mathur ist trotz großer vergleiche irgendwie unvergleichlich."


Audio (Druckausgabe) - „Richtig gute Musik“


Classic Rock (Druckausgabe) - „Es ist kein Zufall, dass [..] Energie und Vielfalt in TALKING LOUD eingeflossen sind." 

Nightshade Magazin - ""wenn Musik Kopfkino erzeugt, ist das oft ein Qualitätsmerkmal."


Guitar & Bass (Druckausgabe) - "eine Fülle an musikalischer Diversität, die man nur selten findet."


MUSIX (Druckausgabe) - "Neben der Varianz und Brillanz der Lieder fallt vor allem auch die warme und angenehme Stimme von Mathur auf und ins Gewicht."


Soundchecker - „zeitlos wie die Geschichte des Ajay Mathur“ 


Sound & Books - "In “Real” taucht Mathur einmal mehr tief in die Tradition des amerikanischen Folk-Rock, gepaart mit dem Selbstverständnis des britischen Pop."

Luzerner Zeitung - "Ajay Mathur hat einen neuen Titel veröffentlicht - der Song hat nicht nur wegen der eingängigen Melodie Hitpotenzial."

Zentralplus, Chris Bucher «Corona hat mich gelehrt, loszulassen und die Kontrolle abzugeben.» 

Luzerner Zeitung"Der Stanser Musiker Ajay Mathur hat mit dem Luzerner Strassenmusiker Paul J. Miles einen Ohrwurm rausgebracht, der die Lebensfreude zelebriert."

ROCKTIMES, Joachim 'Joe' Brookes"Ajay Mathur & Paul J. Miles machten für ein Lied gemeinsame Sache"


Luzerner Zeitung​"Ajay Mathur geht mit dem Album "REMiX" neue Wege

INTERVIEWKein HochglanzmagazinMir ist lieber, wenn man mir im Stillen zuhört, als dass ich in den Schlagzeilen erscheine., Anna Maier - "Anna Maier trifft… Musiker Ajay Mathur

Nidwaldner Zeitung, Philipp Unterschütz - "Ajay Mathur zollt Jackson Browne Tribut"

Luzerner Zeitung, Matthias Piazza - "Ajay Mathur startet durch"



Ajay Mathur_Foto J.P. Ritler.349.jpg

Photo By: Jean-Pierre Ritler

"...a straight-ahead homage to the greats of classic rock."

- Chris Kompanek, Huffington Post New York

"A beautiful alchemy of music"

-  Gail Serv, Buzzfeed

Eclectic, grounded and always surprising - that's how the extraordinary trademark sound of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur can be described. A musical cosmopolitan and smooth shifter between the stylistic worlds, the Swiss by choice with Indian roots now presents with his fifth longplayer "Talking Loud" probably one of the most multifaceted albums of the year!

Ajay Mathur does not allow himself to be pressed into any stylistic pigeonholes. The charismatic singer and musician fearlessly lives out his almost childlike joy of experimenting and exploring. A quality that earns him well-intended comparisons with legends like Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen or the Beatles.


"`Talking Loud` is my metaphor for self-confidence and self-esteem," Ajay says, exuding an artistic confidence and self-awareness that Ajay has already demonstrated on previous albums "A Matter Of Time" (2011), "Come See Conquer" (2013), the Grammy-nominated "9 to 3" (2015), and "Little Boat," released three and a half years ago, which was awarded "Germany's Best English-Language Album of 2018" by the German Pop Foundation. "Ajay Mathur has lived a life worthy of a motion picture," as Jonathan Frahm of the British-American magazine FOR FOLK'S SAKE accurately concludes.



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