Ajay Mathur presents an eclectic rock sound with the new track “I NEED YOU NOW.” Vibrant acoustics and playful vocals assemble an accessible beginning, leading to a shimmering title-referencing hook." 
- Obscure Sound

"The new single “I Need You Now” by Ajay Mathur is a mid-summer’s daydream." - The Mouth Soap

"An infectious beat and a simple romantic message are at the heart of I Need You Now, a new single from singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur."
- Art and Culture Maven


"It’s a hell of a concept and, more than anything else, quite a feeling to move the masses at a moment when they may not be able to themselves." - Breaking And Entering Milwaukee

"Drenched in animated passion, at once upbeat and fervent, “I Need You Now” offers feel-good momentum traveling on a luscious pop melody full of dazzling gusto." - The Young Folks

"Just released “I Need You Now” by Ajay Mathur may be just what we all need now" - On Stage Magazine

INTERVIEW "Exclusive: Legendary Singer & Songwriter Ajay Mathur Discusses His Illustrious Career" - Manhattan Digest, Ryan Shea

„...ein kraftvolles, poetisches und lyrisches Album“

- SOUL GURU, Uwe Reuß

"Der aufgeschlossene Musikfan hat schon lange eine Liaison mit den Songs auf der Scheibe, und das Herz wird auch mit rockenden E-Gitarren-Soli erfüllt."  - RockTimes, Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

INTERVIEW "Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself..- TV Grapevine, Sammi Turano

"Mathur is an example of the far more interesting and experimental side of the adult contemporary market" - Rock on Philly, Justin Harlan

"Ajay Mathur’s Little Boat Is A Modern Day Masterpiece"Alternative Nation, Joe Hughes

"Indian-born and now Switzerland-based singer/songwriter Ajay Mathur has re-written the story of the Phoenix. Just as the tale of the bird rising out of the ashes, he reminds listeners in his exceptional song “Start Living Again” that coming out of the dark is just one song away. "

- IndiePulse Music, Mindy McCall 

"The song is a power pop song with extra attention to Mathur’s soothing, champagne-like vocals. Listeners can feel relaxed and easily entertained as a passenger to this song."

- RazorFish, Heather Savage

"Mathur’s tethering of love and humanistic emotions are coupled with his innate ability to sing in the same way a lullaby calms a baby – making for a splendid song."

GasHouse Radio, Sebastian Cole

"If you like songs that build you up and fill you up with confidence and love - “Start Living Again” is a start." Band Blurb, Jamie Morse 


Start Living Again” doesn’t take long to get the emotional reactors charged. I still think Mathur’s lovely voice makes it hard to be angry or hurt while listening to the song. I do think it makes you reflective. It makes you feel less alone." - Indie Mindy, Andrew Brody

"Sometimes the best thing we can do is let something pass, get ourselves together, get some space and just move on to what comes next" - EARMILK, Bryson "Boom" Paul

"Many artists try to be someone else. Many try to stick to one thing and make a career out of it. Then some just hear music and make music without fear or definition. Ajay is one of the latter. His fearless pursuit of music pays off on Little Boat." - Artist View Blog, James Joseph

Exquisitely executed - Celebrity Café, My Nguyen

'Little Boat’ is the musical retreat for wise souls that have surrendered the need to control. -, Jessica Golich

"Eine abwechslungsreiche Scheibe mit Rocksongs, die sich um die Kunst drehen, im Leben immer wieder aufzustehen." - Nidwaldnerzeitung / Obwaldnerzeitung, Philipp Unterschütz

"Passend zur Single gibt es natürlich auch ein Video und das ist wirklich wahnsinnig genial geworden und macht so richtig Spaß"  - Venue Music, Andrea Jaeckel-Dobschat

"...the work of a talented genius that is sure to take its audience into a unique, melodious and emotional roller coaster ride."  - Too Much Love Magazine, Mindy McCall

"The music has a sound which radiates with fun and warmth." - VENTS Magazine, RJ Frometa

"...sculpting a bright bold and beautiful sound, one that looks for optimism."  - Beach Sloth

"...just mind bending" - SKOPE Magazine, Sophia Torres

"...a truly dynamic artist that puts his heart and soul into his work, and you can feel that in each verse" - Indie Band Guru, Cyrus Rhodes

"...a master class on consummate songwriting."AXS Media, MacEagon Voyce 

"This is a mind blowing collection of one of a kind creations." - Nashville Music Guide, Sherryl Craig

"Mathur is brash and unapologetic with his bouncing from style to style, his expert rendering of wry lyrics about love and circumstances, and the use of a wide range of colorful sounds and instruments from a band that plays them wonderfully." - Short and Sweet NYC, Ralph Greco

"This album is awesome, and it’s tough to explain exactly why. The best way to get the message across is to simply say… This is madness. Madness, in the best sense of the word possible." ABORT Magazine, Scott Alexander

" fine dining at a hoity-toity restaurant: Mathur is the cordon bleu chef plying his craft deep in the kitchen, surrounded by pots and pans and stoves. The entrée emerges and is conveyed into the dining room, where it is pronounced 'delicious'  - Contact Music, Randy Radic

" just need to listen and prepare to be amazed with this popular and talented musician" - Raz Mataz Magazine, Marina Radovanovic

"It takes quite a bit of an open mind to learn incorporate new things into one album and making it sound good.” - NY SOCIAL AGENDA

"Unique and multidimensional music” - 24OurMusic, Karl Nik

"Ajay Mathur: Musical Genius” - Under The Press, Alyssa Milani