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"Experimental and unpredictable in a positive way" - GoodTimes Magazin 05/2023


"Blow My Cover" immerses the listener in a mesmerizing 3D sonic experience, placing them at the center of a breathtaking, three-dimensional soundscape of intimacy and clarity. Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur brings on the album thirteen unique and personal remakes of his songs, interpreted by selected roots, folk, jazz, classical and rock musicians from Tokyo to Los Angeles and from Chicago to Buenos Aires. "In this way, completely autonomous new compositions were created, some of which no longer have much to do with the original version, but represent whole new songs," says Ajay Mathur about the surprising cover versions, for which he was able to win over internationally renowned guest musicians: Starting with the established Swiss roots musician Richard Koechli and the jazz guitarist Samuel Mosching, to the pianist Michael Dolmetsch and Ajay's bandmate and friend Christian Winiker, to the Japanese Koto master Asuka and the New York cellist Rachel Gawell, to his Italian bandmate Fausto Medici, the only 18-year-old Schwyzerörgeli wizard Marvin Näpflin and the Argentine classical harpist Mercedes Bralo.

"Blow My Cover" CD

  • Shipping to start on October 20, 2023. Item will be shipped within 5 working days. Extra costs will incur for shipping outside of Switzerland. 

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