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"One thing all his songs on Talking Loud have in common is that they put you in a good mood." - Madame Women's Magazine, May '22

"A wealth of musical diversity rarely found." - Guitar & Bass, May '22

"Ajay Mathur, despite great comparisons, is somehow incomparable." - Schall, April '22

"Really good music."- AUDIO Pearls, AUDIO Magazine, May '22

"It's no accident that [...] energy and diversity have gone into TALKING LOUD." - Classic Rock, May '22

"The Grammy-nominated Swiss-by-choice [...] knows how to combine different styles like no other." - Petra Women's Magazine, May '22

"Talking Loud delivers radio-friendly rock pop songs that are at their best when Ajay lets his ideas run wild" - Piranha Magazine, May '22


Eclectic, grounded and always surprising - that's one way to describe the extraordinary trademark sound of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur. A musical cosmopolitan and smooth shifter between the stylistic worlds, the Swiss by choice with Indian roots now presents with his fifth longplayer "Talking Loud" probably one of the most multifaceted albums of the year! Ajay Mathur does not allow himself to be pressed into any stylistic pigeonholes. Instead of limiting himself to just one genre, the charismatic singer and musician fearlessly lives out his almost childlike joy of experimenting and exploring. A quality that earns him well-meaning comparisons to legends like Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen and the Beatles. Awards: - Music Videos 2022: "REAL" Roma Short Film Festival winner, "Deeper Than Your Skin" Venice Short Film Festival winner. - "Stop The Shame" 2021 winner of NYC's The Artists Forum International Music Competition in the Indie / Singer-Songwriter category. - "Real" semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest 2021 - "Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)" October 2021 winner Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles) for best pop-rock song - Ajay Mathur's album "Little Boat" awarded by the German Pop Foundation as "Best CD Album of the Year 2018 (English Language)"

"Talking Loud" CD

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